June 2016

The Uncharted - Exploring the Unexplored

I always love the famous poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, especially the excerpted part. I don’t know if I have ever interpreted the poem the way it’s meant to be, but in a way, the particular lines have an encouraging ring to them – an encouragement to set your own path, and not follow the majority.

Let’s shift a little bit to a situation I often come across here in Bali. When my friends from Jakarta come to visit, they usually already have their schedules planned: this beach club, that nasi pedas, this nightclub, that Instagram-worthy terrible taco place, this “it” beach, and so on. They almost never consider the fact that – especially during holiday season – everyone wants to go to these places. Forget relaxing vacation, the results are imaginable: tra„c jams, long queues, and basically too many loud people to have a quality time. All those hassles just to check out the “hip place that everyone posted on social media”. Even worse, this kind of visitor often ends up complaining about how “Bali isn’t cool anymore, it’s too crowded.”

This is where the concept of taking the less travelled path comes in. Bali is so much more than just influencer-recommended restaurants, bars, or clubs. You just need to know where to look. We come up with several places – paradises, if I may say so – that are relatively untouched in Bali. Take some time oŠ to exchange the tiring trendy places for serene beaches, scenic waterfalls, and striking caves that we have on the Island Life pages. I hope this can inspire you to go on oŠ-thebeaten- track adventures and rediscover the beauty of this island once again. Remember, roam responsibly! Happy wandering!

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